Editor’s Note, Vol. 8, Issue 3...

Since we couldn’t get away from the Death theme for our last issue, the theme of our September issue is logical: the afterlife; what’s out there beyond human existence.

Erica Satifka’s “I Don’t Exist Without You” looks at the ways we try to live on past death: our children, our mentees, and methods less common. Stacy Sinclair’s “Exit Wounds” shows the ways we come to terms with what may or may not be out there, while Jason L. Corner’s “Miles Blows His Last” is…just delightful.

Our poets this month are Rachel Swirsky, Ian Creasey, David Kopaska-Merkel, and Danny Adams, with their respective poems, “String Theory,” “How to Build an Open-Source Deity,” “The Dead King of Midnight,” and “Erasing the Universe’s Chalkboard” all of which reach beyond the waking and living world.


Leah Bobet

8:3: “I Don’t Exist Without You” by Erica Satifka...

You are Melanie Zielensky. You are sitting in the office of Amanda Gregorian, the richest woman on Earth. You are being served finger sandwiches and Earl Grey by a cyborg butler.  “Would you like some sugar, miss?”

“No,” says Melanie, says you. You like it plain.

“I can bring some other sandwiches if these are not to your liking.”

“This is fine,” Melanie says. She taps one chrome-tipped high-heeled boot on the parquet floor. “When is Ms. Gregorian going to get here? I’ve been waiting for an hour.”

“Ms. Gregorian will not be conducting your interview. She is a very ill woman. Your interview will be conducted by her son Nicholas.” The cyborg checks the inlay on the back of his hand. “His rocket’s touching down just now.” (more…)