Editor’s Note: Vol. 7, Issue 1

Editor’s Note: Vol. 7, Issue 1

This issue we’re taking a closer look at childhood and creation.

“Seer of Cities” by Nicole Kornher-Stace offers an in-depth look at a child’s imaginative play, while LaShawn Wanak offers childhood memories as a focus in “Crowntree.” L.C. Elder wraps our fiction up with “Children of Old Earth”, whose characters and problems are not at all childish.

C.A. Gardner, Jennifer Jerome, and Daniel Kaysen, our poets for this issue continue the theme with their respective poems: “Anyone’s Child”, “Expecting”, and “The Creationist’s Dream.”

Meanwhile, Sean Melican interviews John Joseph Adams.

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Marsha Sisolak

Vol. 7 Issue 1
Editor’s Note
“Seer of Cities”Nicole Kornher-Stace
“Crowntree”LaShawn M. Wanak
“Children of Old Earth”L.E. Elder
“Anyone’s Child”C.A. Gardner
“Expecting”Jennifer Jerome
“The Creationist’s Dream”Daniel Kaysen
John Joseph AdamsSean Melican

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