10:3: “The Egg that Exploded”, by David Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans

10:3: “The Egg that Exploded”, by David Kopaska-Merkel and Kendall Evans
Primordial and all-encompassing
We, the whole universe,
Still inside that egg.
Nothing is lost, or really found;
From the outside we still look
Like a dimensionless point . . .
Or consider that egg,
That singularity
To be a seed;
The seed of Yggdrasil,
Needing a little something
To germinate into
Asphalt, seaweed, temporal lobes,
Long-grain rice, pyroxene, poetic forms.
The peace and quiet of before
Lasts forever, from the outside,
It’s coming to us as well
In a few trillion years,
Or is it quadrillion?
Whatever —
And what of all the points
In space, seemingly dimensionless,
In our own cosmos;
Might they not
Hold aliens we will never encounter,
Countless worlds,
Oceans of thought,
World-surrounding seas
Forever kept from us?
When all the vireos and video games
Fall silent, smooth out,
Give themselves up to the great equalizer:
We’ll still look the same from outside,
And even when a new spark ignites —
Why, it could be inside what was once you,
Our universe will never notice
Nor be noticed.
We are all, always, alone.
From the outside, the universe is,
Was, and always will be a mere point,
This cosmos; this singularity. 
Perhaps all of what goes on in here
Never really happens
At all.
Here, or anywhere

David Kopaska-Merkel describes rocks (and the holes in them) for the State of Alabama. He lives with an artist in an urban farmhouse with a yellow “tin” roof. He collects wormholes & the like. He was born in Virginia, but has lived in the home of the crookneck as long as anywhere. Kopaska-Merkel has published 1200+ poems, short stories, reviews, and essays since 1972. He won the Rhysling award of the Science Fiction Poetry Association for best long poem in 2006 for a collaboration with Kendall Evans. Kopaska-Merkel has edited and published Dreams and Nightmares magazine since 1986, and has published a few Rhysling winners over the years. Flash fiction at www.dailycabal.com. Blog at dreamsandnightmaresmagazine.blogspot.com featuring a daily poem. @DavidKM on twitter.

He says:

The idea for the poem came when I read about the theory that universes like our own could form within other universes, which they could never touch. Kendall & I took turns adding & tinkering till we were done.

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