Editor’s Note: Vol. 6, Issue 3

Editor’s Note: Vol. 6, Issue 3

With this issue, we pause to compare hope and despair, and scatter both with a liberal hand.

Jude-Marie Green offers a voice rarely heard in “What Happens Next.” Our second author, Ted Kosmatka, provides a what-if scenario that chills the soul in his tale, “Deadnauts”, while Kyri Freeman takes us to the racetrack for her dose in “Winner.” Our poets take a turn, too. Rachel Swirsky shares hope turned inward in “Inside Her Heart”, as Marsheila Rockwell walks the line between hope and despair in “Those Who Wait.” Meanwhile, Jessica Paige Wick offers “The Root King’s Daughter”, visiting a father’s despair.

Finally, Sean Melican not only shares his opinions on his latest reads, he’s interviewed Tobias S. Buckell!

Enjoy our latest offerings!

Marsha Sisolak

Vol. 6 Issue 3
Editor’s Note
“What Happens Next”,Jude-Marie Green
“”Deadnauts”Ted Kosmatka
“Winner”Kyri Freeman
“Inside Her Heart”Rachel Swirsky
“Those Who Wait”Marsheila Rockwell
“The Root King’s Daughter”Jessica Paige Wick
Tobias S. Buckell’s Ragamuffin, L. Timmel Duchamp’s Tsunami, and Ian McDonald’s BrasylSean Melican
Interview with Tobias S. BuckellSean Melican

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