Editor’s Note: Vol. 5, Issue 2

Editor’s Note: Vol. 5, Issue 2

We are all on a journey whether we recognize it or not. In this issue, we focus on varying stages of them. Keri Bas takes us to a denouement in “Leftovers”, while Ruth Nestvold’s “Triple Helix” provides hyperfiction that explores beginnings, middles, and possible ends. In “Unstringing the Bow” by Yoon Ha Lee, we find an unexpected journey’s end.

Our poetry this month, “Hold Fast” by Tina Connolly, “The Transcendental Turnpike” by Lane Adamson, and “Galahad, On The Eve Of The Quest” by Mikal Trimm provide insights to journeys mythic and reality-based.

Finally, Sean Melican shares his opinion on five of his latest reads.

Please enjoy this quarter’s issue!

Marsha Sisolak


Vol. 5 Issue 2

Editor’s Note


“Leftovers” – Keri Bass

“Triple Helix” – Ruth Nestvold

“Unstringing the Bow” – Yoon Ha Lee


“Hold Fast” – Tina Connelly

“The Transcendental Turnpike” – Lane Anderson

“Galahad, On The Eve Of The Quest” – Mikal Trimm

Interview: Alan DeNiro


Five Reviews – Sean Melican

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