5:3: “adam inquisitive”, by s. c. virtes

5:3: “adam inquisitive”, by s. c. virtes
body trembling
smoke & mirrors broken
without proportion
shaken & stirred
hands guard the eyes
against the glare
of possibilities 

the spell fades
Adam staggers and
falls back
from his glimpse
of the future

he rises to his feet
throws open the door
stares out at the road
suddenly so golden

he came here to lament
about losing his way
but he just might
laugh and
build castles
all the way home



Scott Virtes has had about 350 stories, poems & illustrations published since 1986. In Feb 2006 he had two new stories published on Amazon.com, part of their new Amazon Shorts program. He has worked an arm’s reach from Russell Crowe (in “Master & Commander”) or trapped in cubicles, daydreaming. He can be found acting up at open mike events around San Diego.

I was wondering what the primordial Adam would have dreamed about. As the first human, he would be an archetype with no past, no folklore. He could only look to the future. Another thread came into play, about creativity, about throwing open the door and seeing what visions may come. The stanzas were: vision, response, acceptance, and entering the new world. Strangely, in my own vision, I saw Adam as a hairless giant about 40 feet tall, and the first castles were made of sand.

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