Editor’s Note: Vol. 5, Issue 4

Editor’s Note: Vol. 5, Issue 4

Our latest issue delivers insights on perspective and states of being. Karen M. Roberts shifts us into sly metafiction with “Vu,” while Becca De La Rosa keeps us off balance with a woman drowning in tattoos in “Nine Lives.” January Mortimer draws an unsettling future for consciousness in “Disjointed.”

Poets for this quarter develop the theme: John Borneman’s “A Micro Meteor’s Effect on Love” gives us a final glimpse of a lover. Danny Adams combines Quipu knots with quantum braiding, and Helena Bell offers love, regret, and a vanished clone.

Meanwhile, Sean Melican, our Ideo reviewer, catches us up on his latest reads and makes me, and possibly you, wonder if he doesn’t have anything else to do but read! Lucky.

Please enjoy this quarter’s issue!

Marsha Sisolak

Vol. 5 Issue 4
Editor’s Note
“Vu”Karen M. Roberts
“Nine Lives”Becca de la Rosa
“Disjointed”January Mortimer
“A Micro Meteor’s Effect on Love”John Borneman
“Braiding the World Lines”Danny Adams
“Apple Picking”Helena Bell
Miscellaneous ReviewsSean Melican

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