Editor’s Note: Vol. 5, Issue 1

Editor’s Note: Vol. 5, Issue 1

Nothing is as it appears, and this issue of Ideomancer provides proof. Wade Albert White takes us on a jaunt to the seamier side of Candy Land, where temptation lurks but a lollipop away. E. N. Wilson asks just who the freaks are in “Perfect Freak”, while in Mark P. Morehead’s “Chasing the Sun” freedom beckons for an enslaved fighter. Samuel Minier exhorts us to be like children – or does he? “Mr. Fox” by Asunción Álvarez shares an insight into the hidden life of Vulpes vulpes.

In addition, Sean Melican delivers a review of a new magazine and two book reviews. Lisa Negus and Robert D. Rowntree interview Mark Chadbourn, a British author whose impact is spreading.

Please enjoy this quarter’s issue!

Marsha Sisolak

Vol. 5 Issue 1
Editor’s Note
“Murder in Candy Land”Wade Albert White
“Perfect Freak”E.N. Wilson
“Chasing the Sun”Mark P. Morehead
“Be Thee Like Children”Samuel Minier
“Mr. Fox”Asunción Álvarez
Interview with Mark ChadbournLisa Negus & Robert D. Rowntree
Peter Crowther’s Postscripts, James Patrick Kelly’s Burn, and Justina Robson’s Silver ScreenSean Melican

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