Editor’s Note: Vol. 4, Issue 4

Editor’s Note: Vol. 4, Issue 4

Death comes in all forms for this issue of Ideomancer. Trent Jamieson breathes a last Wish with his tale, “Tumble”. In “Whale Falls”, Steven Mohan, Jr. takes a closer look at deaths in the oceans and what meaning that holds for surface-dwellers. In “Wall”, Brett Savory transfixes us with the seamy side of death. Our poets this issue, irving and Helena Bell, visit the stars and the bottom of the oceans with their own glimpses of eternity. Our classic offering depicts the death of a sailing vessel, for what else is it when a ship never sails again?

In addition, Sean Melican goes into overdrive and gives us five book reviews.

We hope you enjoy this quarter’s issue!

Marsha Sisolak

Vol. 4 Issue 4
Editor’s Note
“Tumble”Trent Jamieson
“Whale Falls”Steven Mohan, Jr.
“Wall”Brett Alexander Savory
“The Dutchman’s Children”irving
“Why I Learned to Cave Dive”Helena Bell
“The Ship That Saw a Ghost”Frank Norris
Five ReviewsSean Melican

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