7:3: “Father of Songs”, by Adam Bales

7:3: “Father of Songs”, by Adam Bales

In a world of fiction, Orpheus roams.
Waiting to be brought to life
he crosses the chequered squares
and lets his breath mist the mirror.

Memories buffet for control:
the loss of his love,
the love of the lyre,
the grace and beauty of the muses.

In our world, the muse Calliope tells a tale.
She once enchanted with her words
but the power of stories has been forgotten
in the tumult of the daily race.

So, she creates.
In the hope that she can rebirth hope
she pulls Orpheus through the mirror
and from the land of fiction.

Orpheus walks our land again
his past palpating within his chest.
Lost and alone he wanders the foreshore
and sights the muse on the empty pier.

He remembers that tales have power.
He listens, drinking in.
Then he begins to play his lyre
telling of a world where changes happen.

Orpheus is born again.
Enthralled, the listeners are pulled:
From a nightmare world,
to one of dreams.


Adam lives with his girlfriend, Jen, (who asked to be mentioned in this bio) near Sydney in Australia and on the web he lives here. This is his first piece of poetry to be published.


This poem started for me when I read the myth of Orpheus. From there I decided I wanted to write a poem that spoke about mythology and the role of stories through a mythological tale itself.

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