Editor’s Note: Vol. 7, Issue 3

Editor’s Note: Vol. 7, Issue 3

We’ve thrown caution to the four winds and chosen to run an issue without a theme safety net—unless you prefer to call this one “and the kitchen sink, too.”

Nevertheless, our stories seem to revolve around families. Steve Nagy’s “Mother of Exiles” presents a man’s consciousness wrested from Alzheimer’s grip, but who must then face his personal history and save himself. In “Papa Was a Gypsy” by Shannon Celebi, a young woman discovers the truth behind family secrets, while Erika L. Satifka’s “Sea Changes” reflects upon another woman’s attempt to deal with society’s response to her unorthodox upbringing.

Our poets this month—Robert Borski, Liz Bourke, and Adam Bales— consider the Morlocks and the gods, in their respective poems, “Love Among the Morlocks,” “Mananna,” and “Father of Songs.”

I do hope you enjoy this issue.

Marsha Sisolak

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