Editor’s Note: Vol. 7, Issue 4

Editor’s Note: Vol. 7, Issue 4

We’re back with an issue dedicated to escape and utopias.

Our first tale, from Rachel Swirsky, tells of secret help hens receive as they flee the coop. It’s entitled “Exodus.” George Walker’s story, “Zorroid,” follows a woman’s perilous journey as she crosses a border, while A.C. Wise’s “Cloth from Flesh, Flesh from Bone” relates the results of searches by two very different women.

Our poets this month are G.O. Clark, Marsheila Rockwell, David Kopaska-Merkel, and J.C. Runolfson, with their respective poems, “Incandescent Lady,” “The Diamond Throne,” “Designation and Succession Among the Gods,” and “What You Never Knew About the Princess.” Enjoy!

This is my last issue as publisher of Ideomancer, as I return to my own writing. But I leave the magazine in the very capable hands of Leah Bobet, who’s been my second for the last year and longer. We hope you’ll continue to follow Ideomancer as it grows and changes, and I won’t disappear completely—I enjoy being a part of Ideomancer far too much.

Marsha Sisolak

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