7:2: “Princess”, by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff

7:2: “Princess”, by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff

Callie in the streets by daylight
dancing to the traffic noise,
strutting proudly down the sidewalk,
grinning at the passing boys,
stops beside a snoring wino,
insects crawling on his skin,
tilts and drains his dreg-lined bottle,
drinks another soulmate in.

Callie in the streets by twilight,
roaches weaving through her hair,
braiding it like Disney bluebirds
into something rich and fair,
pauses by a grimy food cart,
smiling as she shakes her head
to its owner’s posted menu,
seeks out something else instead.

Callie in the streets at midnight
sings her sweet and regal song
to the strains of heavy metal,
calling on her loyal throng,
watches as they swarm about her,
offerings piled on their backs—
pretzel crumbs, a half-chewed hot dog,
someone’s ear, and other snacks.


Marcie Lynn Tentchoff is an Aurora Award winning poet/writer from the west coast of Canada. Her work has appeared in such magazines as On Spec, Weird Tales, Talebones, and Illumen, as well as in various anthologies and online publications.


“Princess” is a mixture of one part Disney movies, to two parts Vancouver’s East Hastings Street, stirred with my all too-present twisted girly streak.

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