Editor’s Note: Vol. 7, Issue 2

Editor’s Note: Vol. 7, Issue 2

This month, our theme seems to be dead people. Or if not quite dead, not quite your typical zombie, either.

In “The Altruist and the Dead Man” by Edward Cowan, we learn about the company you keep and life on the ledge. Darja Malcolm-Clarke presents a lyrical tale of an oceanside city on Great Nizea’s Eve, while Catherine Cheek gives us a glimpse of a woman back from the dead, along with insight to problems the newly dead face. Read it here first: it’ll also appear in John Joseph Adams’ zombie anthology, The Living Dead in September, 2008.

Jennifer Crow, Ed Gavin, and Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, our poets for this issue continue the theme. Be sure to read “Fire Begets Water,” “Palmetto Ridge,” and “Princess.”

Iin search of a good book? I share one of my latest favorites with you.

Finally, our usual .pdf version will be late, since our technical staff person is on the move. Check back soon!

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Marsha Sisolak

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