10:4: “Neural Net”, by Kenneth Schneyer

10:4: “Neural Net”, by Kenneth Schneyer

Editor’s note: This is a work of hyperfiction. To read it, click the link marked ‘Begin’ below. A window will pop up allowing you to click more links and experience the story as you choose.


“Neural Net”, by Kenneth Schneyer

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2 Responses to “10:4: “Neural Net”, by Kenneth Schneyer”

  1. amy macevilly says:

    Reading this on my NookColor while listening to Brian Eno on Pandora was a lot of fun!

  2. What an extraordinary view of a consciousness and its attendant memories ex situ.

    It’s almost dadaist taken in its individual components, until the entire arc begins to emerge through viewing enough of the interconnections.

    Thank you for writing one of the best “hyperfiction” pieces – and the first story I’ve seen properly apply all the underlying aspects of that term – that I’ve yet read.

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