Editor’s Note: Vol. 6, Issue 1

Editor’s Note: Vol. 6, Issue 1

This issue brings a series of twenty-three short stories by Benjamin Rosenbaum, Christopher Barzak, Elad Haber, Greg van Eekhout, Kiini Ibura Salaam, Meghan McCarron, and Tim Pratt. We’re extremely pleased to offer our readers another sample of hypertext fiction, this particular set loosely linked by the theme of disaster, with titles sprinkled throughout.

In addition, our poets this quarter share their own versions of small disasters: Sonya Taaffe, in “Green and Dying”, gives us a glimpse into time’s wear; Karen A. Romanko studies photos never taken in “Scrapbook”; and in “Snow Melt”, Marcie Tentchoff says farewell with images of Istanbul.

Finally, Sean Melican shares his opinions on his latest reads, including a collection by Morrison Rusty and Ken Keegan, and books by L. Timmel Duchamp and Nick Mamatas.

Please enjoy our latest issue!

Marsha Sisolak

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