Editor’s Note: Vol. 6, Issue 2

Editor’s Note: Vol. 6, Issue 2

Our latest issue ponders action, inaction, and reactions. How do we respond to the challenges we’re given? Face them head on? Hide? Tumble into what fate decrees?

Our first author, Astrid Atkinson, in “Things with Sharp Teeth” displays a variety of alligators—some more human than others. Ruth Nestvold makes another appearance, this time with “Far Side of the Moon”, a tale of forced prostitution in space. Yoon Ha Lee rejoins us with her story, “Screamers”, in which she introduces some of the hazards of space. Our poets this quarter touch upon the theme, with Mikal Trimm recounting Acteon’s dilemma in “Acteon, Before the Kill.” Marcie Tentchoff shares the “Five Wisdoms of the Snow Queen”, while David Kopaska-Merkel offers insights to zombies created by “Medical Reanimation.”

Finally, Sean Melican not only shares his opinions on his latest reads, he’s interviewed L. Timmel Duchamp for us.

Enjoy our latest offerings!
Marsha Sisolak

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