Editor’s Note: Vol. 3, Issue 1

Editor’s Note: Vol. 3, Issue 1

January. Out with the old, in with the new. Time to recover from the giddy festivities that define the end of the old year; time to break resolutions in record time and revive the dearly-held bad habits that caused us to make those same resolutions in the first place.

More importantly (although I’ll admit I’m a bit biased), time for a new issue of Ideomancer. My issue. That’s right, the slave has become master, the inmates have taken over the asylum, the proletariat revolts, baby! This issue is mine, all mine, and —

Sorry. For a moment the power became too much…

Still, we are playing around with the springs and gears that make Ideomancer tick, and I have endeavored to give some hint of what’s to come — my own personal take on the magazine and the type of story we try to present. There will be other, different views as the year slides away from us, but I get to be first. Heh-heh.

Consider yourselves forewarned.

Rob Hunter dazzles us with the inner workings of a unique mind in “The Nine-Patch Variation”, Samantha Henderson sinks her irony-coated claws into “The Legend Of St. Ignatz The Provider”, Greg van Eekhout graces us with a reprint of his poignant fantasy “Wolves Till The World Goes Down”, and Jay Lake, in the first of a series, performs janitorial duty with his take on “January.” And there’s even a movie review for those of you who are despairing of finding good genre fare in the cinematic realm.

Enjoy! (That was a command, not a suggestion…)

Mikal Trimm

I‘ll just slot my comments under a ton of megalomania. 2004 brings Ideomancer into its third year in this format and we are again endeavoring to progress the magazine through the coming twelve months. Each editor will add their voice to the magazine as we bring you more original fiction — gone are the classics this year.

We continue our Featured Author slot and welcome Greg van Eekhout as the first of the New Year.

Our guidelines have changed slightly again — we are now introducing reading periods — and as a consequence will be closed to submissions through January. I would also like to welcome Meredith L. Patterson and Lori Ann White to the editorial staff.

Hope you enjoy this month’s issue
Chris Clarke

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