Editor’s Note: Vol. 11, Issue 3

Editor’s Note: Vol. 11, Issue 3

Our third issue of 2012 is all about insides and outsides, and the delicate, permeable walls between.

Alexei Collier’s “The Bohemians” ponders the fine lines between persona and person, and how prepared we are – or aren’t – to see both in someone; Nathaniel Lee’s “Gastrophidia” literally tackles the disasters that occur when the things one holds inside break into open air; and James Will Brady – another Ideomancer author who’s made the transition to joining our editorial staff! – caps off the issue with “Judge,” which treads the tricky territory between part of the group and outsider, and who’s in or out in whose eyes.

Poetry from Ann Schwader, David Glen Larson, Barry King, and Alexa Seidel transmogrifies, metamorphoses, and takes on new forms – and as always, there are the usual book reviews.

We hope you enjoy this quarter’s issue, and if so, please consider dropping something into our tip jar. Ideomancer relies on reader donations to pay its contributors for their excellent fiction and poetry, and even five dollars makes a big difference.

Enjoy the issue, and have a wonderful autumn.

Leah Bobet

Vol. 11 Issue 3
Editor’s Note
“The Bohemians”Alexei Collier
“Gastrophidia”Nathaniel Lee
“Judge”James Will Brady
“A Metamorphosis of Dream”Alexandra Seidel
“Ana Morphosis”David Glen Larson
“Svartálfar Rising”Barry King
“Launching Atlantis”Ann K. Schwader
Beth Bernobich’s Queen’s HuntLiz Bourke
John Scalzi’s RedshirtsMaya Chhabra
Kari Sperring’s The Grass King’s ConcubineLiz Bourke

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