11:4: “Haiku”, by Yunsheng Jiang

11:4: “Haiku”, by Yunsheng Jiang

petals falling in riotous profusion
draw tears from all present
on this strange planet



Yunsheng Jiang (1944-) is a Chinese poet and science fiction writer. He was an associate professor of Chinese literature at Shanghai TV University, Songjiang Branch before he retired. Mr. Jiang has won 6 prizes for his short stories, science fiction, and thesis in Buddhist philosophy in China and Taiwan. One of his short science fictions, “Boundless Love”, was translated into English and included in Science Fiction from China (Greenwood Pub Group, 1989). His English science poems have appeared in several American SF magazines such as Space & Time, Star*Line, Scifaikuest, and Aoife’s Kiss. Mr. Jiang is an entirely self-taught writer, and he is always appreciative of his old and new friends’ help. He says:

As to this haiku, I’d like to convey my ideas about the Universe: are there parallel worlds?

Photograph of cherry blossoms in Omiya Park, Saitama City, Japan by Tanaka Juuyoh is provided under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License.

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