Editor’s Note: Vol. 12, Issue 2

Editor’s Note: Vol. 12, Issue 2

For our summer issue this year? A lighter note. (Shocked? So are we!)

We’re kicking off with return contributor A.C. Wise’s “Operation: Annihilate Mars! Or, Doctor Blood and the Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron” – because there is no saying no to spacefaring, crime-fighting drag queens. Try it. We’ll wait.

Our second piece for this month, Vicki Saunders’s “Deus Ex Chelonia,” takes us on the most whimsical post-apocalyptic quest we’ve read in years and years.

We’re only running two fiction pieces this issue to make room for an interview with this quarter’s featured author: Ideomancer alumnus Sofia Samatar speaks with us about language, craft, and her first novel, A Stranger in Olondria. Her “Undoomed” is also featured in our poetry section this month, alongside work from Alicia Cole and Rob Bliss, and reviews of this quarter’s new releases.

We hope you enjoy this quarter’s issue, and if so, please consider dropping something into our tip jar. Ideomancer relies on reader donations to pay its contributors for their excellent fiction and poetry, and even five dollars makes a big difference.

Enjoy the issue, and have a bright and happy summer!

Leah Bobet

Vol. 12 Issue 2
Editor’s Note
“Doctor Blood and the Ultra Fabulous Glitter Squadron”A. C. Wise
“Deux ex Chelonia”Vicki Saunders
“Undoomed”Sofia Samatar
“Artemis Speaks to Aphrodite”Alicia Cole
“Solaris”Rob Bliss
“Sofia Samatar, author of A Stranger in Olondria”
Karen Lord’s The Best of All Possible WorldsLiz Bourke
Where Thy Dark Eye Glances: Queering Edgar Allan PoeClaire Humphrey

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