Editor’s Note: Vol. 13, Issue 2

Editor’s Note: Vol. 13, Issue 2

It’s the cusp of summer, and for this quarter’s Ideomancer we’re pleased to bring you a matched, lingering pair of contemporary pieces.

Michael J. DeLuca’s “Virtual Goods” builds a quiet statement, among the post-industrial ruins of a Ukraine town, on goals, hope, and the ultimate value of art; beside it, Drew Rhys White’s “Always Forever Now” meditates on Christianity, polyamory, and sacrifice; the future, the present, and the past.

Our poetry this month, from Virginia M. Mohlere, Sara Saab, A. J. Odasso, Dominik Parisien, and Lynette Mejía, ties them together with flourishes on memory, identity, family, and a sweet spring-summer wind. And as always, our book reviewers bring us their thoughts on two of this summer’s new releases.

We hope you enjoy this quarter’s issue, and if so, please consider dropping something into our tip jar. Ideomancer relies on reader donations to pay its contributors for their excellent fiction and poetry, and even five dollars makes a big difference.

Enjoy the issue, have a wonderful summer, and we’ll see you when the autumn comes in.

Leah Bobet

Vol. 13 Issue 2
Editor’s Note
“Virtual Goods”Michael J. DeLuca
“Always Forever Now”Drew Rhys White
“Cardyssey”Virginia M. Mohlere
“Inheritance, Far from the Center of the World”Sara Saab
“The Memory-Thief”Adrienne J. Odasso and Dominik Parisien
“Princess”Lynette Mejía
Will McIntosh’s DefendersLiz Bourke
Jo Walton’s My Real ChildrenClaire Humphrey

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