13:3: “The Glass Men”, by Alexandra Seidel

13:3: “The Glass Men”, by Alexandra Seidel

These are the men of glass
their hearts the ambered smoke within
the brittle mist of ages, hungry for love
and poorer for it

These are the men of glass
who catch light like dreams of drowning swallows,
who breathe only shadow where others
swallow air

These are the men of glass
who carry inside them our past like shards of painted light
These are the men who will not go
and who will break only if
they can cut to quick and bone
where their deepest edges show

Alexandra Seidel writes poems and stories of things born from imagination and dreams. Some of her work can be found in Goblin Fruit, Mythic Delirium, Strange Horizons, and elsewhere. If you are so inclined you can follow Alexa on Twitter (@Alexa_Seidel) or read her blog: www.tigerinthematchstickbox.blogspot.com. She says:

“The Glass Men” is quite simply a result of my infatuation with Eliot’s “The Hollow Men”, and everything else that’s in there traveled through my subconscious to finally germinate in my creative brain space.


Photograph of hoarfrost in Niedersachsen, Germany, by Daniel Schwen, is provided under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

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