Editor’s Note: Vol. 13 Issue 4

Editor’s Note: Vol. 13 Issue 4

Our end-of-year issue features poems that span the night sky and look back across the centuries.

Alexandra Seidel’s “The Star Reader’s Almanac” summons the wonder of the sky, a topic taken up again in the charming scene in C.E. Hyun’s “Dragon Girl”. In Bogi Takács’s and Marian Rosarum’s poems, two very different characters – one a woman who believes herself to be unremarkable, and another a powerful goddess – travel through history on their respective quests. Next, in Mary Soon Lee’s “The Matter of the Horses” we meet King Xau once again. Having won over the horses and the horse lords, his next challenge is to capture the respect of his own general. Lynette Mejía’s “Visiting Hours” presents us with an immortal (this seems to be a running theme), but one whose vast life seems hopelessly limited by the mortality of the person she loves most. With “A Kindness of Ravens,” James J. Stevenson brings us a similar hospital scene, but one in which the confines of a hospital bed are not limiting at all – thanks to a certain trickster bird.

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Beth Langford
Poetry Editor

Vol. 13 Issue 4
Special Poetry Issue
Editor’s Note
“The Star Reader’s AlmanacAlexandra Seidel
“Six Hundred and Thirteen Commandments”Bogi Takács
“Demeter Sails the Stars”Marian Rosarum
“Dragon Girl”C. E. Hyun
“The Matter of the Horses”Mary Soon Lee
“Visiting Hours”Lynette Mejía
“A Kindness of Ravens”James J. Stevenson
Helen Marshall’s Gifts for the One Who Comes AfterClaire Humphrey
Collections: Kaleidoscope and IrregularityLiz Bourke

Photograph of December frost in Sweden, by Sigurdas, is provided under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Unported license.

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