14:1: “under a flowering cherry tree”, by Yunsheng Jiang

14:1: “under a flowering cherry tree”, by Yunsheng Jiang
sitting alone
under a flowering cherry tree
deep in meditation
on the Buddhist sutra:
the form is nonexistence and
nonexistence is the form….

shoulders were covered with

Yunsheng Jiang (1944-) was an associated professor of Chinese literature at Shanghai Open University, Songjiang Branch before he retired. He has won 6 prizes for his short story, science fiction and thesis in Buddhism philosophy in China and Taiwan. One of his short science fictions, Boundless Love, was translated into English and included in Science Fiction from China [Publisher: Greenwood Pub Group, 1989]. Mr. Yunsheng Jiang is an autodidact in English. His poems appeared in Space & Time, Star*Line, Scifaikuest, Aoife’s Kiss, Beyond Centauri, Ideomancer and other E-magazines. Two of his sf haiku were Included in DWARF STARS 2013. He says:

I am always puzzled about the relation between modern physics and Buddhist philosophy! There are so many views on the structure of the world, on the relation between matter and spirit… and so on, which coincide with each other! Maybe we should call this short poem a realistic work rather than an sf poem!

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