9:3: “diurnal/nocturnal”, by David Kopaska-Merkel

9:3: “diurnal/nocturnal”, by David Kopaska-Merkel
fade to
evening’s mare:
dust yawns through scissored
gapes ambiguous worlds in brief
arborescent splendor, overture for velvet night
which moves its sinuous muscles
a devastated
landscape shrinks
from its

David Kopaska-Merkel, descendant of procaryotes, describes rocks for the State of Alabama. He lives in an urban farmhouse with a yellow “tin” roof. He has published a thousand poems, etc over the past quarter century. His latest book is The Simian Transcript. He says:

I had the idea of combining (1) a tear in reality that connected, temporarily, two very different worlds with (2) a qualitative difference between day and night, so that night wasn’t simply darker, but that something moved in it. These were just images. I find the Fibonacci-no ku form very good for messing around with images and fragmentary ideas because the changing line lengths naturally lead you to build to a revelation or conclusion. You play around with the words until they fit the form and say something. Whatever that is, that’s what the poem’s about. It may not be what you expected when you began.

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