9:3: “Time Ghosts”, by Ann K. Schwader

9:3: “Time Ghosts”, by Ann K. Schwader
Our times call ghosts to us. Though Homer knew
the power of dark blood to loosen tongues
parched centuries past silence, we insist
on sensory amnesia when the same
shades permeate the wreck of Port-au-Prince
with Pompeii’s wailings. While the limbless wraiths
who stalk Rwanda mourn their martyring
in Cathar accents, or some murdered girl
misnames her honor killing as sati,
we disbelieve… as if coincidence
alone explained such wounds of history
reopening afresh to slake a thirst
familiar as the ghosts of our bad nights,
& like them wandering unsatisfied
between hells happening that no one meant.

Ann K. Schwader’s poems have recently appeared in Strange Horizons, Tales of the Unanticipated, Star*Line, and elsewhere in the small and pro press. She is an active member of SFWA, HWA, and SFPA.

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  1. Dave Scheg says:

    Loved it. Homer’s ghosts come at the scent of a poets blood. There are no coincidences. I’ll look for more of your work.

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