10:1: “Nile Song”, by Mari Ness

10:1: “Nile Song”, by Mari Ness

I regain the sweet pieces, one by one:
the foot I kissed, the hand
I rubbed with oil, the legs
I mounted, the arms 
I wrestled, all hidden
in sweet boxes,
wrapped in thick mud,
held in dark waters.
I stack boxes
one my one,
sealing them 
with my lips.

I will teach them what it is
to be in love, so in love
with a broken god.

I will teach them what it is
to be a river, a rushing river
overflowing the grasses.

The grasses sing with the songs of frogs.
The river sings with the hope of death.
I lay my lips against the boxes,
and wait, wait for the delirious floods.

Mari Ness occasionally wonders if fairies are stealing cookies from the cupboard, since, clearly, she couldn’t have eaten that many of them. Her work has appeared in multiple other places, including Fantasy Magazine, Goblin Fruit, Hub Fiction, and Shine: An Anthology of Optimistic Science Fiction. She lives in central Florida. You can follow her on Twitter at @mari_ness, or for longer ramblings, at mariness.livejournal.com.

Mari Ness is our featured poet this month. You can read an interview with her here.

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