Editor’s Note: Vol. 10, Issue 1

Editor’s Note: Vol. 10, Issue 1

Spring is springing – slowly – into our back yards and back closets and the backs of our brains alike. So in honour of the best new-old thing that happens all year, our March 2011 issue has three stories full of slanted spring sunlight; stories light enough to float; stories about beginnings.

Sandra Odell returns to our virtual pages with “Just Be,” a story about a warm afternoon and a simple renewal and just how good that can be. Emily Skaftun’s “Apology for Fish-Dude” starts our feet down a brand new road, and shows how, in some ways, wherever we are we stay the same. Finally, Su-Yee Lin’s “Ascension” takes us, birds and leaves and all, into the sky and sailing off to summertime.

We’re also trying a new-old thing ourselves: a featured poet. Our March featured poet is Mari Ness, and this issue showcases three of her poems – “Grandma and the Puka,” “Nile Song,” and “Soul Street,” as well as an interview on both the art of speculative poetry and her take on the field itself.

All that, as well as a double handful of reviews!

We hope you enjoy this quarter’s issue, and if so, please consider dropping something into our tip jar. Ideomancer relies on reader donations to pay its contributors for their excellent fiction and poetry, and even five dollars makes a big difference.

Until summertime,

Leah Bobet

Vol. 10 Issue 1
Editor’s Note
“Just Be”Sandra Odell
“Apology for Fish-Dude”Emily C. Skaftun
“Ascension”Su-Yee Lin
“Grandma and the Puka”Mari Ness
“Nile Song”Mari Ness
“Soul Street”Mari Ness
Interview: Mari Ness, Featured Poet
Connie Willis’s Blackout and All ClearMaya Chhabra
Lauren Beuke’s Zoo CityMaya Chhabra
Daniel Fox’s Hidden CitiesLiz Bourke

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