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Folks who tell stories are often stranger than fiction. A few sketches, among many, by way of illustration:

On a late afternoon in 1970, Yukio Mishima, one of Japan’s greatest storytellers, scratched the last character on the last page of his last book — then serenely disemboweled himself. He often mentioned his “heart’s leaning toward Death and Night and Blood,” so no one paying attention was particularly surprised.

Leo Tolstoy fell into a religious delirium, handed his fortune over to his wife, announced that he would ever after live under her as a peasant — then died in a wintry railroad station after quarreling with her.

At thirty-four, Marcel Proust closed the door of a soundproof room, spent his remaining years in utter isolation writing Remembrance of Things Past — then passed into history himself.

Ambrose Bierce went off to Mexico in search of “the good, kind darkness” — and was never heard from again.

What does all this gloom and strangeness have to do with Ideomancer? What does all this tell you About Us? We want, in some small way, to illumine the geography of the imagination. We want to grope about for its borders, its elevations and contours. We’ll do this by sharing the jewels we stumble across along the way, tossing these beacons up into the digital firmament, the better to see each other by. As the writers mentioned above knew far too well, the void is vast and cold. But look up. Here are a few more glimmers holding back the night.


L e a h  B o b e t — Publisher and Editor Email Us

Leah Bobet drinks tea and wears feathers in her hair. Her first novel, Above was nominated for the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy and the Prix Aurora Award for Best Young Adult Novel. Her second, On Roadstead Farm, will be published in 2014.

M a r s h a  S i s o l a k — Designer and Publisher Emeritus Email Us

Marsha Sisolak teaches kindergarteners, so she really doesn’t have time for your shenanigans. Sit down and start writing right this second, or you will NOT get the extra graham cracker at snack time! And if you push her, she’ll read aloud from Ideomancer before nap-time! Don’t make her warp you! Now, write great fiction 100 times on the blackboard, then submit to Ideomancer….

C l a i r e H u m p h r e y — Reviews Editor Email Us

Claire Humphrey lives in Toronto and works in the book business. She will always work in the book business, one way or another. She likes grey areas, hard truths and dark coffee.

E r i n  H o f f m a n — Production Editor Email Us

Erin Hoffman is not nearly so clever as her compatriots at writing bios in the third person. She is the author of the Chaos Knight series from Pyr Books. She lives in many places, mostly where you’d least expect, unless you expect upstate New York or California. She aspires to live in one time zone for six months without moving all her worldly possessions (mostly parrots and their accouterments), and wants to read stories only you can write. Yes, you.

B e t h L a n g f o r d — Poetry Editor Email Us

Beth Langford bakes many cookies and evidently enjoys the company of magpies. She thinks she’d like to read more stories about dragons, spaceships and manatees (though not necessarily spacefaring manatees).

A l e n a  M c N a m a r a — Associate Editor Email Us

Alena McNamara does not own any parrots. She lives in two states that begin with the letter M: Malarkey and Meliorism. She likes chaos theory.

M i c h a e l R. C o l a n g e l o — Associate Editor Email Us

Michael R. Colangelo is a writer from Toronto. He has written and published numerous short stories at various venues, was previously the fiction editor of online journal The Harrow, former columnist at FearZone.com, and is presently the membership chair of the HWA. He would like to see more submissions involving blood and maybe the Devil.

M a y a C h h a b r a — Associate Editor Email Us

Maya Chhabra is a nocturnal creature residing in an urban area. She’s a college freshman and enjoys writing, obsessing about politics, and procrastinating. She does not have tattoos.

L i l l i a n W h e e l e r — Associate Editor Email Us

Lillian is a highland dance teacher. She also writes, reads, and crafts, pretty much in that order.

K i m N e v i l l e— Associate Editor Email Us

Kim Neville lives near the ocean. She spends her days counting, making
up stories and having tea parties. She is fond of things that float.

K r i s t i D e M e e s t e r— Associate Editor Email Us

Kristi DeMeester lives, loves, and writes spooky, pretty things in Atlanta, Georgia. Her works have appeared or are forthcoming in Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Shock Totem, Shimmer, and others. Growing up both Southern and Pentecostal, she witnessed travelling preachers cast out demons. These demons still haunt her writing. Tweet her @KMDeMeester or find her online at www.oneperfectword.blogspot.com.

W e b  T e a m
Pr o d u c t i o n E d i t o r, D e s i g n e r – Erin Hoffman
H o s t i n g – Neverhost
C o v e r A r t – “Set Them Free” (c) by Jasmin Junger

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  1. Elena Stokes says:

    What a beautiful website! I have a small PR firm that represents great sf, fantasy and horror writers, among other genres. If you would like to receive review copies for consideration, please let me know to whom and where I should send them.

    Good luck with everything!

  2. Joel Eis says:

    The idea of the sliding story samples is a very cool one.

    They go too fast by about 50%.

  3. Rocko says:

    Please consider a downloadable issue for the Kindle. Thanks.

  4. Deirdre Doran says:

    Hello Claire:

    I’d like to introduce you to a great new science fiction novel, a really exciting book called Expedition Beyond written by a completely unknown writer named Roger Bagg. The book is being published as an ebook by The Fiction Studio, an innovative publisher based in Stamford, CT. The publisher has produced a limited edition, beautifully produced hardcover, strictly to help readers like you discover this novel. We’d like to send you a copy of this book and ask you to consider reading it. It’s a terrific novel, with an unusual premise, a great story full of surprises, and well drawn characters.

    Please send me your mailing address. I will send you a copy of the book at once. And I also promise not to chase you for a review or try to market the book to you in any way. I hope you will want to read it. And if you like the book as much as I did, I know you’ll want to talk about it.

    Thanks for your time and attention.
    Deirdre Doran

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