Ideomancer is a labor of love: our editors, designers and web hosts contribute their skill and expertise freely. Our aim is to make the magazine self-sufficient and increase the compensation to our contributors, but that is a lofty goal.

We are never too proud to accept donations; just $5.00 a year from each of our readers would see us reach our goal.

Leah Bobet



Even the smallest amount will be gratefully received.

3 Responses to “Donate”

  1. Ashley says:

    I’m just wondering, is this a published magazine at all? Or only online? And if so (only an e-magazine), are you aiming to publish this as a magazine to be sold in stores?

  2. Leah Bobet says:

    Hi, Ashley–

    This is an edited and published online magazine, yes. We don’t have any plans to do a print version at this time, so any donations we receive go directly to paying the authors whose stories we buy for the next issues.

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