Author's Stories
Horsethieves and Preachermen
"She wears a Hadley face even if she's never wore the name, and it's a face that's got more of the farm in it than a girl wants sometimes. I guess your Daddy took to it all right, though, or you wouldn't be sitting here."
Kin to Crows
"Then the crow retched and spat up some arms and legs. They were red, they were burnished and bloody. Japheth was close enough to see the scars on the arms. He could see the blackened calluses on the soles of the feet. He looked up at the crow. He looked up at the crow that was studying him, measuring him."
VFD Adventures
"And there he was. Twelve or thirteen feet tall, nearly that broad across the shoulders, and on fire. Looked like he was carved out of the blackest coal, with eyes like rubies."
close introduction