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slipstream Things with Sharp Teeth by Astrid Atkinson
"'He tried to call you once,' I tell her, grasping desperately at the sea of images for the right ones. Memories bite at me, rising up from the depths. 'From Manitoba, a few weeks after he was reassigned, after he got your letter. He was drunk on cheap black-market bourbon, and he couldn't remember your number. But he did try.'"
science fiction Far Side of the Moon by Ruth Nestvold

"'I know. We all know." Abebe's rhythmic sing-song soothed, even though she was agreeing to a nightmare. 'No one retires from this place.'"

science fiction Screamers by Yoon Ha Lee
"'Cadets think their individual talents matter," said the gaunt. Serren flushed, thinking of her high ratings in kaleidoscope theory-the only thing she had exceptional ratings in. "When the voidmouths come after you, and everyone has to run, you're reduced to two things. Run screaming, or die screaming. So long as the ship hears you and escapes.'"
Poetry Acteon, Before The Kill by Mikal Trimm

"A Goddess, yes—her nakedness a sight"

poetry Five Wisdoms of the Snow Queen by Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
"Never, when you meet a soul mate"
poetry Medical Reanimation by David Kopaska-Merkel
"The government of Haiti,"
i d e o l o g i e s
review Reviews by Sean Melican
Interfictions, Dangerous Space, Year's Best Fantasy 7, We Robots, Bright of the Sky, and Keeping It Real.

"It is those odd dissonances or interesting novelties that make a work interstitial, slipstream, or fabulist."
interview L. Timmel Duchamp interviewed by Sean Melican

"In the case of sports, separate is probably necessary simply because physical differences between the sexes are so important to athletic performance, though as an sf writer I have to say that it wouldn't surprise me if sometime in the next few decades body alterations in those who've dedicated their lives to sport manage to eliminate some of those differences through surgery, drugs, or genetic engineering."

the magazine

volume 6
issue 2

this quarter

Our latest issue ponders action, inaction, and reactions. How do we respond to the challenges we're given? Face them head on? Hide? Tumble into what fate decrees?

Our first author, Astrid Atkinson, in "Things with Sharp Teeth" displays a variety of alligators—some more human than others. Ruth Nestvold makes another appearance, this time with "Far Side of the Moon", a tale of forced prostitution in space. Yoon Ha Lee rejoins us with her story, "Screamers", in which she introduces some of the hazards of space. Our poets this quarter touch upon the theme, with Mikal Trimm recounting Acteon's dilemma in "Acteon, Before the Kill." Marcie Tentchoff shares the "Five Wisdoms of the Snow Queen", while David Kopaska-Merkel offers insights to zombies created by "Medical Reanimation."

Finally, Sean Melican not only shares his opinions on his latest reads, he's interviewed L. Timmel Duchamp for us.

Enjoy our latest offerings!

Marsha Sisolak

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