i d e o g r a p h i e s
flash March by Jay Lake
"This was a big match, their four University of Nova Eboracum hares facing off against the Mohawk-Iroquois Tech varsity hounds."
fantasy When the Black Bird Circles Back by Greg van Eekhout
"But the night the bird came, they sounded a bell I'd never heard before, a single low tone that you felt in your chest and in the backs of your eyes."
science fiction Vacuum Monkeys by David Hoffman-Dachelet
"I spend my days shoving monkeys into vacuum. You can't hear 'em scream, but it's a good thing they do, or their lungs could explode."
horror The Next by Patricia Russo
"The resemblance was perfect. Okay, except that she didn't have a week or two's worth of stubble on her cheeks, there was that. And she was pregnant. And a woman, of course."
i d e o l o g i e s
interview Greg van Eekhout interviewed by Tim Pratt
"I like to write in cafés, and it's no fun without a big-ass mug of strong black coffee. And by mug, I mean something made of ceramic with a handle. Something with some satisfying heft. None of these paper cups for me."

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volume 3
issue 3
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March gives us a look at the beast — within and without. Jay Lake lurches into "March" with a hunt of a different kind. We discover the portent of the Black Bird in Greg van Eekhaut's "When the Black Bird Circles Back" while David Hoffman-Dachelet makes testing shampoo on animals seem like a beauty treatment compared to "Vacuum Monkeys." Patricia Russo rounds out March with a tale of monsters in "The Next".
Hope you enjoy this month's issue!

Chris Clarke